Top to Bottom Radish Deviled Eggs

Let's talk radishes. I love radishes. I think they're undervalued, delicious, versatile and so pretty. They're probably one of my favorite vegetables. I can eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They've got a delicious bite to them and can be served raw or cooked, which is great, because I love a vegetable that can … Continue reading Top to Bottom Radish Deviled Eggs

Lasagna Deviled Eggs

Anyone that knows me, or who follows this blog for that matter, knows that I'm an...adventurous eater. The weirder the recipe, the more I want to make it. Generally, my husband is a great sport. He will eat pretty much anything I come up with, with the exception of cauliflower (the hate there is real). … Continue reading Lasagna Deviled Eggs