Truffle & Thyme Deviled Quail Eggs

One of the best parts about living in Europe is the exposure to unusual and uncommon foods. While we have access to Whole Foods and other speciality stores in the U.S., these "foreign" items are much more commonplace here in Europe. You can go into any run-of-the-mill grocery store and find ingredients that you would … Continue reading Truffle & Thyme Deviled Quail Eggs


Easter Deviled Eggs

Happy Easter Eve! As we all know, Easter is pretty much the holiday for Deviled Eggs. They're a classic. If you don't have Deviled Eggs at your Easter celebration, we can't hang out. Sorry, but that's the rules. So my mom invited me to a pre-Easter celebration in her neighborhood, but only with the stipulation … Continue reading Easter Deviled Eggs