Deviled “Dragon’s Eggs”

Calling all Game of Thrones fans! Tonight is the premiere of the final season and I am ready to see how this all plays out. My friend is having me over for a premiere party, so of course, I offered to make deviled eggs (it's kinda my thing). I wanted to stay on theme though … Continue reading Deviled “Dragon’s Eggs”


Deviled Robin’s Eggs

Before you freak out, I promise I didn't ransack a Robin's nest and steal the eggs for this post. Nay, I used the magical powers of food coloring to transform my regular eggs into fun, springy Robin's eggs! These came out of a brainstorming session I had via text with my friend Jaclyn. She suggested … Continue reading Deviled Robin’s Eggs

Easter Deviled Eggs

Happy Easter Eve! As we all know, Easter is pretty much the holiday for Deviled Eggs. They're a classic. If you don't have Deviled Eggs at your Easter celebration, we can't hang out. Sorry, but that's the rules. So my mom invited me to a pre-Easter celebration in her neighborhood, but only with the stipulation … Continue reading Easter Deviled Eggs