Welcome to Living Eggsquisitely!

My name is Ashton and i’m obsessed with eggs. I’m taking the first step by admitting it.

My love for cooking developed gradually but I think it was inevitable. Growing up, my mom loved to cook. She also wasn’t afraid to push the culinary boundaries and cook outside the box. And, of course, I was a Grade A “Picky Eater”. It didn’t matter what she made, I turned up my nose. It wasn’t until I graduated college and got an apartment, that I started to branch out. I realized that I couldn’t live on cheap red wine and hummus alone, though by God I tried. Slowly, but surely, I started cooking more and more. But it wasn’t until just a few years ago that I really went off the rails, culinary-wise. I think the metamorphosis of completely becoming my mother started and I inherited her love of cooking. But, like the next generation phone, I had crazier features. I’m not afraid to make a Cherry Shallot Soup (that kitchen looked like a murder scene, let me tell you) or Fried Eggs with Pomegranate seeds.

I have also been blessed with a very receptive, and brave, audience. My husband will essentially eat anything I dream up or find on Pinterest (at least once). My friends and family are all willing to give my off-the-wall recipes a go and everyone is endlessly supportive of “what do you think of this recipe?” texts. It’s thanks to them that I started this site.

Though I like to cook any and everything, this site will focus on my love of eggs. I have a deviled egg infatuation and that will clearly show, but i’m also going to try to incorporate all different types of egg-based recipes.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

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