Shrimp Boil (Deconstructed) Deviled Eggs

Summer is finally here! And I already hate it. My hair is giant, my face has melted off and it’s only downhill from here. We’ve got a long road til October, so strap in my sweaty babies.

But! What I don’t hate about summer is the food. I love me some summer cookouts, seasonal fruit and an influx of fresh seafood. Yum yum yum give me all the food.

One thing I’ve never made before but I’ve always wanted to try was a seafood boil. It sounds like everything I love all wrapped up in one tin foil. Seafood? Yes. Potatoes? A staple. Corn? Yes please.

However, since I’m the egg lady, it seems only fitting that my first foray into a seafood boil is in deviled egg form. I tried something new and it did not disappoint guys. Hoo boy these are great. I actually got so excited making them that I forgot to save extra shrimp for the staging and I ate them all. Whoops.

These would be a great addition to any summer backyard party, or just alone in your air-conditioned house. Dealer’s choice!


  • A dozen hard boiled eggs
  • 4 tbsp light mayo
  • About 10 cooked shrimp, roughly chopped
  • Copious amounts of Slap Yo Mama Cajun seasoning (or a similar homemade mix)
  • 1/2 cup sautéed corn, seasoned with yet more Slap Yo Mama seasoning


  • Peel your hard oil eggs and cut into halves
  • Combine yolks, mayo and lots of Slap Yo Mama seasoning. Just measure that with your heart
  • Fill each egg with the yolk mix
  • Top eggs with Slap Yo Mama seasoning, chopped shrimp and sautéed corn
  • Enjoy!

P.S. – today (June 3rd) is National Egg Day!! One of Living Eggsquisitely’s most revered and holy days. Go forth and eat many eggs unto yourself.


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