Lasagna Deviled Eggs

Anyone that knows me, or who follows this blog for that matter, knows that I’m an…adventurous eater. The weirder the recipe, the more I want to make it. Generally, my husband is a great sport. He will eat pretty much anything I come up with, with the exception of cauliflower (the hate there is real). However, every once in a while he will request “normal” food. He just wants a hamburger or some pasta, for the love of God. Hearing his pleas, I decided to make lasagna this weekend. It’s getting colder here and it’s a perfect cozy Fall dish.

BUT. Because I’m me, I thought “how can I make this weird and/or use for my blog?”. Answer – Lasagna Deviled Eggs!


These were so good. Seriously good. “Eat half of them before I can even get photos of them” good.


And this recipe has a couple of bonuses. These are easy to make in bulk, since you can essentially just make your favorite lasagna recipe and use to fill egg. Also, these keep really well in the refrigerator, since there are no mayo/yolks here.

I used this recipe from Will Cook for Smiles but really, you can use any lasagna recipe you’d prefer. All you have to do is make the lasagna filling and then transfer to hard boiled eggs! I got rid of the yolks, though you could always use those for another recipe. I was just lazy.

So next time you want a cozy, and filling, snack, look no further! Lasagna Deviled Eggs are there to fill your needs.


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