Velveeta “Liquid Gold” Deviled Eggs

A not so secret fact about me is that I love to eat like a Trash Monster when I’m by myself. I love to eat foods that by some general consensus have been deemed “gross”. I usually eat these meals in secret, while sitting in the dark, drinking wine and watching horror movies (that sentence just gave a whole lot of insight into who I am as a person overall). One of my favorite “trash” meals is Velveeta Shells & Cheese. Ughhh I love this stuff. Nothing anyone says will ever convince me that there aren’t secret narcotics in that gooey, golden cheese that satisfyingly oozes out of it’s packet. If it were thinner, I’d straight mainline it.

While I normally indulge in private, I thought it was finally time to publicize my secret and bring it to the masses. And what better way to do so then to stuff that Mac n’ Cheese into a deviled egg?

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This recipe did not disappoint. Not only is it incredibly easy to throw together, but it’s so good and hits all my Trash Monster requirements: fat, cheese, fat, carbs and fat. I did use the mini Velveeta & Shells, as I thought I’d be able to cram more into the eggs that way.

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So, next time you want to turn your living room into a cave and indulge in some delightful “trash” food – please make this recipe. You’ll be glad you did.

Velveeta “Liquid Gold” Deviled Eggs


  • (12) Eggs
  • (2) Containers of Velveeta Original Shells and Cheese Single Serve Microwave Cups
  • Pepper


  • Hardboil your eggs
  • Peel eggs, slice into halves and remove yolks. I threw these away but I’m sure you could save them for salads or something of the like
  • Make the Velveeta & Shells microwave cups
  • Once the Mac is done, spoon into egg halves
  • Eat while hot!

Processed with VSCO with a9 preset


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