Chili Basil Deviled Eggs

Last weekend, I went to brunch (shocker) that was being done as a pop-up in a Nursery. It was such a cool setting, and after we were done, we got to shop around for a bit. While perusing, I found a collection of fully grown chili plants. Hooray – all the work and waiting done for me! After convincing my husband that I wouldn’t kill it (false promises), I took it home and immediately started brainstorming.

Now I won’t lie. My first impulse was to make chili infused vodka, which I’m still going to do. But, when I was sitting in the kitchen, I noticed my basil plant. This sad little plant is fighting the good fight, but definitely losing. Thinking I could kill two plants with one recipe, I came up with Chili Basil Deviled Eggs!

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I combined the yolks with mayo, chili peppers, basil and a little bit of sesame oil. I then topped them with sesame seeds. Whoooo these are good! They pack a little heat, but not so much that they’re gonna bring tears to your eyes. The sesame oil definitely helps ground them. Not only are they delicous, they’re super easy. I just threw everything into a food processer and voila! Deviled eggs.


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Chili Basil Deviled Eggs


  • (12) Eggs
  • (2) Tbsp light mayo
  • (1) whole chili pepper, chopped
  • Handful of basil
  • (1) Tbsp sesame seeds
  • (2) Tsp sesame oil


  • Hardboil your eggs
  • Once eggs are done, peel and cut into halves
  • Combine yolks, mayo, chili pepper, basil and sesame oil in a food processor. Blend until smooth. You may have to occasionally pause and scrape down the sides but this is a labor of love. Let’s not rush it
  • Once blended to your desired consistency, pipe or spoon the mixture into the egg halves
  • Top with sesame seeds
  • Inhale

Processed with VSCO with kp6 preset


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