Bloody Mary Deviled Eggs

Fun fact about me: I love brunch. I am brunch-obsessed. And not only that, but I can brunch hard. True story – I once had to take an uber home from brunch. At 5:00 P.M. It still gets brought up to this day.

I think what I love most about brunch is the times I’ve had with friends. Every time my friends from college and I reunite, brunch is a staple of our weekend. I actually feel bad for our husbands, because they are forced to sit through six hours of intensive nostalgic reminiscing, that gets tipsier as we go.

I’ll admit openly, I am not a Bloody Mary girl. I tend to go for the bottomless mimosas, complete with snorkel. My friends on the other hand, love an over-the-top, spicy and BIG Bloody Mary. The more garnish, the better. I once saw my friend Jaclyn stuff about an entire Shrimp Cocktail into hers. It was impressive.

This recipe is an homage to my friends, who love nothing more than a tall Bloody Mary and a morning (and often afternoon) full of laughter and memories.


  • 12 Eggs
  • 2 Tablespoons Mayo
  • 1 Teaspoon Worcester
  • 2 Teaspoons Tomato Paste
  • 1 Teaspoon Hot Sauce (you can add more to taste)
  • Old Bay
  • Tooth Picks
  • For Garnish – anything you like to add to your Bloody Mary. Here I went with Gherkins, Olives, Shrimp & Bacon
  • Parsley leaves


  • Hardboil your eggs
  • Once eggs are done, add to an ice bath and let sit until eggs are cold. Please don’t skip this step. I’ve found it makes peeling the eggs so much easier
  • Peel eggs and slice into halves
  • Scoop out yolks and add to bowl
  • Mash the yolks and add the Mayo, Worcester, Tomato Paste & Hot Sauce
  • Put mix into piping bag/plastic bag and fill egg halves. You can also just spoon in if you don’t have a piping bag or want to make your own
  • Sprinkle Old Bay over eggs liberally
  • On each tooth pick, add one of each of your chosen garnishes
  • Add a Parsley leaf to each egg, and then lay one skewer of garnishes atop the egg
  • Serve at brunch and enjoy!

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