Everything But the Kitchen Sink Fried Egg Sandwich

So we’re in that weird post-Thanksgiving, pre-Christmas lull that seems to drag on for forever. It’s a Wednesday as well, which is hard enough on its own. I left work today and realized I had no food in my house but I also had *no* inclination to stop at the grocery store. Add all that up and you have someone (hint: me) who really just wants something quick and easy so they can lay on the couch to drink wine and watch Planet Earth. Ya feel me? 

Enter the Fried Egg Sandwich. The eggy call to your laziness! This sandwich is perfect because it’s totally customizable to whatever you have in the fridge. In my case (and I’d recommend it honestly, duh) I made mine with Dill Pickle Relish, American cheese, and Turkey Bacon Pepperoni. I could give a college student a run for their money with this wonderful weirdness. 

*I am assuming you have eggs in your fridge at all times like me, but come on, work with me guys*

Everything But the Kitchen Sink Fried Egg Sandwich


  • 1 Egg 
  • 1 slice American Cheese 
  • A handful of Turkey Pepperoni
  • 1 tablespoon Butter
  • 2 slices of Bread


  1.  Melt butter in a pan.
  2. Crack egg in pan and fry to your liking. I prefer my yokes a little runny.
  3. I had space in my pan for this next part, but if not, pull out a second pan.
  4. Heat bread up in the pan.
  5. Once egg is fried, use a spatula to lift onto the bread.
  6. Add cheese slice.
  7. Cover with other slice of bread and cook until cheese gets deliciously melty.
  8. Remove from heat and place on plate.
  9. Remove bread on the non-cheese side and add the rest of the ingredients. 
  10. Inhale like a little piggy and forget to take any more pictures for your blog.

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